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Harbor Animal Hospital

Reproduction Services

Considering responsible pet breeding? We offer a variety of reproductive services to help. Click to view our full list.

  • Health testing

    • OFA testing for hips, elbows, patellae, thyroid, and basic cardiac

    • PennHIP evaluation

    • BAER testing

    • Brucellosis screening, in-house

  • Semen collection, evaluation, and shipment

  • Ovulation timing

    • Progesterone (in-house and send out)

    • LH testing

    • Vaginal cytology

    • Vaginoscopy

  • Insemination

    • Vaginal

    • Transcervical

    • Surgical

  • Pregnancy diagnosis and management

    • Ultrasound for pregnancy

    • Radiographs for puppy count

    • Birthing assistance

  • C-sections

  • Neonatal and post-partum health care

  • Infertility evaluations

Please call us at (253) 851-7866 to learn more.